Friday, 13 March 2009

Do all first time bloggers start like this?

So here I am taking my first (and belated) tentative steps into the blogosphere. I wonder if all first time bloggers populate their initial post with fairly meaningless drivel like this? I'm looking forward to making a few schoolboy errors as I blog at will. Hopefully, my posts will become more sophisticated in their use of techniques, links and such like, and more erudite in content. But I can't promise that will be the case.

Hmm, I'm already running short on inspiration (It's Friday afternoon and the week has 'felt' long) - not a very auspicious start. My thoughts turn to tonight and I'm really looking forward to seeing this lot. They are performing at an Irish themed night at Hardwick Hall Hotel and I'm heading along with Catherine (Mrs Double Yellow) and a few friends. I worked at the hotel many years ago and we held our wedding reception there (er, pointless trivia, but it fills a bit of space). More on Hardwick Hall Hotel, Hardwick Country Park and a very controversial planning decision in the future...

Going out tonight means I will miss the Red Nose Day TV marathon. If this clip is anything to go by, it looks like there will be a few bits of comedy gold on offer, so I will probably record it. I've been watching the celebs on Kilimanjaro with some interest, in truth mainly because of the great hats that they were all wearing - As a dyed in the wool Berghaus boy, it was great to see the brand in the spotlight. Note to self (and everyone else) - make a donation!

And so my first blog is virtually complete and I return to the hackneyed phrases of a virgin blogger.

Right, I'll get it posted and have a look.

Double Yellow signing off.

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